La Vida Boutique Dopamine Dressing With Style

You’ve heard us talk about dopamine dressing in our social media lives, but what actually is it?

Dopamine dressing is the concept that wearing bright, bold and colourful clothes boosts your mood and makes you feel happy and confident. So why do colourful clothes make you feel great?

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which regulates your mood, motivation, and pleasure. For example, when we have an enjoyable experience, such as receiving a compliment, our brain releases dopamine, giving us a sense of pleasure and satisfaction. Studies show dopamine is also released when we wear colourful bright clothes that we love; our pieces from Jayley are absolutely perfect for this!

We feel more confident and feel positive about ourselves when we wear colourful clothes, as they help boost our mood. When we wear something we love, we feel better about ourselves and our appearance. Not only this, but dopamine dressing can help us become more outgoing and sociable as it gives us a confidence boost.

Research has also shown our emotions and behaviour is influenced by the colours we wear. Different colours can elicit Different emotions and moods are invoked by different colours. For example, the colour red is associated with energy and excitement, but blue is associated with calmness and relaxation. Take a look at our pieces from Jayley as they come in a whole range of different colours.

Now, we’ve often asked how you can start to use dopamine dressing into your wardrobe. An easy way is to start with colours you love and that you enjoy wearing, pieces that put a smile on your face when you put them on. You could start with a pop of colour from a Jayley fur scarf, belt or jewellery. Then as your confidence builds, add some bright tops and dresses into your wardrobe, perhaps a jumper or tshirt. Or push the boat out and wear a brightly coloured Jayley coat!

Do mix and match different colours and patterns. We talk about colour blocking and pattern clashing on our fashion and styling lives on Facebook and Instagram. You can put orange and green together, yellow and purple or pink and red. Stripes and pattern can work together, you just need to know how to team them together. Our collections from Jayley are single coloured for colour blocking or print for that clash look. Plus remember, we’re always saying leopard print is a neutral!

If you’re dressing for work, you don't have to be boring! Work isn’t for plain and boring colours. Wearing a colourful blazer, scarf, or Jayley statement piece will brighten your outfit and your mood! By dopamine dressing, you’ll feel more confident and productive during the working day.

We love dopamine dressing here at La Vida Boutique, as it’s a simple and effective way to boost your mood and feel more confident. We can help you add some colourful bright clothes and accessories into your wardrobe, making you feel happy and confident. Pop in and see us this week!

You can browse all our Jayley pieces here.

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