Fashion and Pregnancy

I am almost 25 weeks pregnant with my third child... Another boy! My youngest is 11 and I remember when I was pregnant with him I struggled with finding maternity clothes that were fashionable and comfortable. Although the market for this has changed a lot and there is much more choice available now, I still wanted to wear what I wore before or at least what I could potentially wear after and not look like a sack! 

It really depends on whether you want to show off your bump or hide it, personally I like showing it off! So this leaves more choice for me as I can wear tighter fitting outfits. 

Shopping in a place like La Vida I have the choice of things that are different and stylish and am still able to wear at the stage I'm at in my pregnancy. My favourite brand has always been A Postcard From Brighton, now this is a brand that suits all shapes and sizes, so perfect to see me through my pregnancy. If you want to hide your bump, you can layer with slouchy tops over the tight fitting vests or if, like me, you're happy to show it off you can stick with just the tighter fitting vests and maxi dresses. Especially as we are heading towards much warmer weather, you may not want to layer so much. The photo is of me in A Postcard From Brighton Wave Maxi Dress.

I'm going to be writing a blog as I go through the later stages of my pregnancy so you can see what outfits I choose and how you don't always have to shop Maternity! There are many brands here at La Vida that I will be able to keep wearing, so watch this space! 

Much Love

Sarah x

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